GSPHE Coverage

Here are past news articles written about GSPHE and its events, archived from newest to oldest:

Video of protest and arrest (11 Alive News, 3/8/2011)
Students Protest HOPE cuts (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/8/2011)
Georgia Students Lose HOPE (CNN iReport, 3/7/2011)
Students Protest Cuts to HOPE (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/7/2011)
Students rally at Capitol to protest HOPE cuts (The Augusta Chronicle, 3/2/2011)
Students Protest HOPE Changes (WSB Radio, 3/2/2011)
Students Rally Against HOPE Overhaul (CBS Atlanta, 3/2/2011)
HOPE Scholars Rally (WABE,  3/2/2011)
Students Protest HOPE Cuts (GPB News, 3/2/2011)
Democrats, students challenge HOPE bill (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/2/2011)
Major cuts planned for HOPE, pre-k (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/17/11)  

HOPE’s Future Still Unclear (UGA Red and Black, 2/10/11)
Atlanta Forward/Another View: Perspectives from Four Campuses (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12/17/10)
Students prep to challenge HOPE changes (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 12/15/10)
Protesters challenge regents on immigration (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 11/10/10)
Regents ban illegal immigrants from some Ga. colleges (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 10/13/10)
Students celebrate education and fight cuts (UGA Red and Black, 10/8/10)
GSPHE takes a stand (GSU Signal, 9/14/10)
Colleges, students prepare for more budget cuts (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 8/10/2010)
Regents To Approve More System Cuts–If Needed (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 8/10/2010)
Un latino que lucha por la educación (Mundo Hispánico, 4/05/2010) – in Spanish
Students protest budget cuts at Capitol (The West Georgian, 3/30/2010)
Students march on Capitol (OnlineAthens, 3/16/2010)
Georgia college students march (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/15/2010)
Students march on State Capitol (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/15/2010)
Collegians Protest Budget Cuts (WSB Radio, 3/15/2010)
Students Protest Proposed Education Cuts (MyFOX Atlanta, 3/15/2010)
Students Rally Against Proposed College Cuts (Georgia Public Broadcasting, 3/15/2010)
Two student groups send differing messages (The Augusta Chronicle, 3/15/2010)
Students to march to Capitol to speak against proposed cuts (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/14/2010)
Students protest proposed budget cuts (Savannah Morning News, 3/12/2010)
MCG students protest possible program cuts (The Augusta Chronicle, 3/11/2010)
College students rally against proposed cuts (Chattanooga Times Free Press, 3/04/2010)
College students protest proposed budget cuts (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/03/2010)
College students protest higher fees (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 1/12/2010)

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