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GSPHE at Georgia State University

—>Visit Occupy GSU site for more ways to plug into GSU/Atlanta based
GSPHE at Kennesaw State University
Contact: Alisen Redmond,

GSPHE at the University of Georgia

GSPHE at Clayton State
Contact:  clayton.sphe@gmail

GSPHE at Gainesville State College

Help start a branch or affiliate at your campus by contacting


One thought on “Find Your Chapter

  1. I have some very important information regarding students’ breach of legal due process
    through the Board of Regents of the USG. As a Plaintiff in a Georgia Whistleblower case, I have the documentation
    that I feel you would want to have – and now. While most of the facts are still under lock and key in the Attorney’s
    General’s Office, I have enough (Open Record) that will address and confirms this major violation to all USG students. Please have someone call me asap. The media has also been in touch with me regarding the same.

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