The coalition of Georgia Students for Public Higher Education (GSPHE) includes all students, workers, and community members in the state of Georgia who believe that education is a right and should be affordable and accessible to all. We stand against all budget cuts, from increased tuition to furloughs and job losses for workers. We believe that all people deserve affordable, quality education and secure employment, from the student who studies to the person who cleans. We are opposed to all attacks on undocumented students and believe that no student is illegal. Budget cuts have disastrous consequences for public education, disproportionately affecting working class students and students of color. While the very people who helped to create this crisis are bailed out to the tune of billions of dollars, our communities’ very means of our survival are being cut from under us. All across the country and the world, the economic crisis is being used as an excuse to cut funding and jobs, while the rich, along with military expenditures, are left untouched. The politicians and administrators say there’s not enough money to pay for our education, but there’s enough money to fund war and occupation, cut taxes, and bail out banks?

We won’t accept this! People can only take so much. In schools across the country, students and workers are uniting to rise up and challenge these attacks on our education. Students and workers have the power to stop these attacks, but this will only happen when we utilize the strength within ourselves to stand up and fight back!


4 thoughts on “About GSPHE

    • They should totally get involved! We have two events coming up!

      Monday 6pm @ the GA capitol: Vigil for the end of HOPE (wear black!)
      Tuesday 12:15 @ Georgia State University -> Rally
      12:30 March to the capitol

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