NEWS: Board of Regents want to “Consolidate” campuses

Long-known for expanding campuses, the University System of Georgia changed course Thursday by recommending eight colleges merge into four. It’s part of a sweeping plan to cut administrative costs and funnel more money toward students and academic programs.

Mergers have the potential to save taxpayers millions, although Chancellor Hank Huckaby said it’s too soon to predict how large the savings will be. Should the state Board of Regents approve the plan as expected, the consolidations will affect more than 36,000 students at the eight colleges.

Some local leaders impacted by the plan supported it, saying it will provide a greater range of academic programs and make their communities more attractive to business. But mergers are not popular with everyone. Some worried about layoffs and feared working adults will have to travel greater distances to take certain courses.

Hatfield, who serves on the House Higher Education Committee, worried how layoffs would affect the local economy. He wondered how students, many of whom work full-time and support families, would be able to drive about an hour to attend classes at South Georgia College if a course is not taught in Waycross.

He and other local leaders are trying to rally community members to urge the regents to postpone next week’s vote.

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What happens when GA schools are consolidated? — administrative, faculty, and staff layoffs – students don’t know of the proposal and how it will impact them – if a course is not taught in Waycross, students are expected to drive an hour to attend a class in South Georgia College – many of these students have families and are full-time workers – local community members want to prevent next week’s vote from happening – all of this is in the names of CUTTING COSTS.

The Board of Regents will be meeting:
Tuesday, January 10, 1:00 PM
270 Washington St. SW
Atlanta, GA 30334



One thought on “NEWS: Board of Regents want to “Consolidate” campuses

  1. I worked in the Office of the President of a USG college for over 15 years – formerly with The UNC-Chapel Hill and Mercer University. I am now a Georgia Whistleblower filed in Fulton County Superior Court 2009-CV-165267 who is determined to correct serious ethical and fiscal violations by the Board of Regents of the USG that negatively affect all USG students, faculty and staff.

    Our Georgia Constitution has given the Board of Regents of the USG for years a “lump sum” from state taxes in their annual allocation and allows the BOR “exclusive authority” to spend it however they want – with no accountability to anyone.

    One Board of Regent employee stated to me that the recent merging of college campuses – that will result in layoffs and redirecting of funds – is the BOR’s way of “diverting” the “lump sum” they receive annually so that the top officials in our state’s higher education system can continue to fill their pockets.

    And, they do. Read Section IV of the GA Constitution at:

    Examples of this abuse were disclosed by me and reported by Jim Walls, former AJC reporter, in 2009 and can be been read at:

    While most of the facts in my Whistleblower case are kept sealed by the BOR’s Attorney – our State’s Attorney General Sam Olens (also the attorney for the Ethics Commission Director – a serious Conflict of Interest), one violation is now Open Record:

    It was confirmed in a Deposition in my case that NO appeals submitted to the Board of Regents are actually read by the members of the BOR’s Committee for Organization and Law as there are purposely made to believe by the USG officials. They are simply told what the BOR attorney wants them to hear and simply “rubber stamp” their decisions. They receive nothing more than a sheet of paper with the name and address.

    I have been asked by Rep. Ralph Long, a member of the House Higher Education Committee and author of HB 206 – stronger Whistleblower laws – to attend the public forum of the General Assembly when HB 206 is discussed. I encourage you, as members of GSPHE and USG students – to attend if possible. I will notify you when the date is set.

    Update: I filed a 2nd Motion last week with Chief Judge Doris Downs to have the facts unsealed so that they can be made public to all USG employees and students. The BOR’s attorney – Attorney General Sam Olens – filed a “Response in Opposition” to try and keep the violations by the BOR sealed.

    My mission – as yours – continues. You are not alone.

    E. Denise Caldon
    Georgia Whistleblower Protection Act Case A11A0382
    Briefs Filed 2009CV165267 January 2009

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