NEWS: Bill to Bar Immigrant Students

ATLANTA  —  Some Georgia lawmakers want to toughen the state’s stance on illegal immigrants in public colleges and universities. A bill before the state legislature would widen a ban approved last year.

The Board of Regents already has barred illegal immigrants from certain in-demand schools.

A new proposal would extend that ban to all of Georgia’s 35 public colleges and universities, and its 26 technical colleges.

Rep. Brett Harrell is a co-sponsor of the bill, along with Rep. Tom Rice. He says taxpayers may be footing the bill for illegal immigrants’ education because tuition doesn’t cover all costs.

Critics say the bill penalizes young people whose parents illegally brought them here as children.

Lawmakers will consider the bill during the legislative session that starts in January. Last session, they passed a law that bans companies from hiring illegal immigrants.

Read the rest of the article here.

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Countless Georgia organizations, from GUYA to GSPHE, ACLU to Freedom University, have confronted the Board of Regents and university officials repeatedly demanding the repeal of USG policy 4.1.6, and a review of the reasons behind imposing a drastic measure on our schools. If this legislation passes, it proves that the Board of Regents and the Georgia legislature are not interested in the facts, participating in reasonable dialogue, or improving education in Georgia.

This aggressive action taken by lawmakers and the Regents only further agitates and emboldens us.  We need to reclaim our education and our universities for all. We must stop the Board of Regents unbridled assault on immigrants, students, workers, faculty, and higher education in the state of Georgia.


The GA Regents meetings for Spring 2012 are here.


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