Anti-immigrant policies are hitting the ground on Georgia’s campuses. The GA Board of Regents’ Policy 4.1.6 bars any person without “proper documentation” from attending the the five most competitive public universities. The Regents’ heinous agenda, from immigrant scapegoating to incessant fee hikes, must be stopped–by US!

Join us for our DAY OF ACTION against the GA Board of Regents!

11:00 AM – Rally at Georgia State courtyard and press conference (location TBA)

11:45 AM – March to USG headquarters

12 NOON – Enter and attend Board of Regents meeting.

The Regents continue to make harmful economic and political policies that attack students and their communities. We demand education, not deportation. We demand quality higher education and will fight for our libraries, our departments, our professors, our workers, and ourselves!

We stand in full solidarity with the International Student Movement and the ‘November Global Weeks of Action to Defend Education’, UC students protesting UC Regents, and all people involved in the struggle for free and emancipatory education.


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