Media Advisory: For Immediate Release

 May 26th, 2011


On Thursday, May 27th at 2 pm, the Progressive Student Alliance will hold a press conference regarding the allegations by Attorney General Sam Olens made on WSBTV on May 24, 2011 regarding a Freedom of Information Act request made by the PSA. The request concerns GILEE, the Georgia International Law Enforcement Exchange program, housed at Georgia State University, which is a police exchange program between Georgia police officers and the Israeli police.

In WSBTV’s coverage of the request, Attorney General Sam Olens stated that the PSA’s actions were motivated by the influence of an external organization that may seek a “terrorist attack on local law enforcement.” These comments are completely false, misleading, and malicious. Olens’ disbelief in a student organization researching and combating questionable ties between Georgia State University and a country with numerous human rights violations shows a complete disregard for the importance of intellectual inquiry, debate, and social justice.

Due to the ongoing illegal occupation of Palestine and the apartheid system built and maintained by the Israeli state, the PSA has endorsed the international call for the boycott, divestment and sanctions of Israel. The PSA seeks to prevent the very techniques used in upholding this apartheid state over seas from being brought into our own communities here in Georgia through the GILEE program.

The Progressive Student Alliance is deeply concerned about the allegations made by WSBTV and Attorney General Sam Olens. We question where they obtained the information about our Freedom of Information Act request, which is not only legally protected but essential in a democratic society. In the face of such a blatant attack on the right of political expression by GSU students, we hope to hear directly from our school’s administrators. As university students engaged in the study of global politics and the struggles for social justice throughout the world, it should not only be expected that we act upon the knowledge that we acquire, it ought to be encouraged.

When: May 27th, 2011
Time: 2 pm
Where: Office of Attorney General of Georgia
40 Capitol Square, SW
Atlanta, Ga 30334


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