The Petty Politics of M.B. Pell

Georgia Students for Public Higher Education publicly criticizes the deprecating, misleading, and condescending nature of the recently published AJC PolitiFact article written by AJC Staff Writer M.B. Pell. The article is a distasteful attempt to discredit GSPHE, and a personal attack towards a specific GSPHE member. His article quotes a statement–supported by GSPHE; stated by GSPHE Member Allie McCullen–regarding The Georgia Lottery’s inability to allocate appropriate annual funding towards the HOPE Scholarship. On behalf of GSPHE, McCullen corrected and further clarified the previous statement when notified of the more precise figures. However, the minor technical corrections made to the original statement ultimately had no effect on the opinion expressed by GSPHE.

Pell’s patronizing comments towards Allie McCullen and GSPHE largely offend many students, instructors, professors, and faculty/staff members in our state. His article directly states that McCullen “has a better chance of winning the lottery than receiving a True on the Truth-O-Meter.” As a whole, Pell’s statements are disrespectful, pitiful, and entirely unnecessary. We believe he failed to provide the public with any factual and equitable explanation of the article’s overall purpose and relevance. Pell’s inscrutable, futile claims towards GSPHE member Allie McCullen are unacceptable, deceiving and incredibly insulting. We are extremely disappointed in his lack of integrity, and anticipate immediate apology and clarification of Pell’s implications of “truth.”



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