Demonstration Asks “What Should a Truly Public University Look Like?”

Friends and allies, are you concerned about the state of public higher education in Georgia in the wake of deep cuts to state funding, the slashing of HOPE, and the Board of Regents recent decisions to increase tuition and fees at public colleges and universities?

On Tuesday, April 26, 2011, UGA’s Chapter of Georgia Students for Public Higher Education will hold a demonstration in the Tate Plaza from 10AM to 3PM where we’ll ask “what should a public university look like?”

Would it be economically accessible to all academically qualified students?
Would it pay living wages to its workers?
Would it reflect the diversity of our state?
Would it make room for student representation on the Board of Regents?
Would it scapegoat undocumented students who wish to study at top state universities?

At Tate, we will have chalkboards set up where students can voice their ideas and concerns as well as share how much debt they are in because of their decision to pursue higher education.

There will be a microphone set up for those who feel compelled to speak out about how recent changes will affect their ability to stay in school or about their discontent over policies that restrict UGA’s affordability and accessibility generally.

GSPHE members will be sharing information about:

-Workers Rights/Living Wages at UGA and in Athens
-Real community engagement as an alternative to superficial one-off “community service” events
-International examples of student resistance
-Equality and access to public higher education
-The unrepresentative nature of the Board of Regents, the decision making body of the University System of Georgia
-The plight of undocumented students in Georgia, who cannot attend our research universities and must pay out of state tuition to go to other schools

Our own Pholksinger Josh will perform a few songs and we’ll be blasting jams out over the PA!



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