GSPHE Confronts the GSU Administration

Check out GSPHE’s day of action and confrontation with GSU’s President Becker, who treats us like scum. It’s clear who Becker represents. Here’s a hint – not the students.


2 thoughts on “GSPHE Confronts the GSU Administration

  1. Honestly, if you look at statistics of the value of the education we receive for the money we pay, Georgia is one of the best states. In the ranking system, Georgia State, Georgia Tech and the University of Georgia were scored in the highest category for these evaluations, meaning that they provide a level of education higher than our tuition rates. Further, this takes into account the surrounding areas, cost of living and student make up. I’m just saying that there is a good argument that we are receiving an education that is undervalued.

  2. First of all, I’m stealing this from another article:
    “1. Requirements have not changed. Students must still obtain a 3.0 GPA or higher to qualify.

    2. Students receiving a 3.7 GPA or higher and a 1,200 on the SAT or a 26 on the ACT will be recognized as Zell Miller Scholars. In addition, students who are valedictorian or salutatorian will also be deemed Zell Miller Scholars. These students will receive an award that covers full tuition at public colleges, or $4,000 toward private school expenses.

    3. 2. Payments will now fluctuate with lottery revenues. In the fall of 2011, the HOPE Scholarship will cover 90 percent of the standard tuition rate at public colleges. Students at private colleges will receive an award of $3,600.

    4. Payments no longer cover books and fees

    5. If you currently, receive an award that covers full tuition, but will still be attending college this fall, you only remain eligible if you met the Zell Miller Scholar requirements in the year that you graduated. You are not grandfathered in.

    6. Payments do not cover remedial courses.

    7. There remains no family income cap to be eligible for the HOPE Scholarship program.

    8. If a student drops below a 3.0 GPA in college, they will have one chance to raise it before the HOPE award is eliminated.

    9. Students now have a seven-year window to use their awards; those in the military are exempt from this rule.

    10. Beginning in 2015, graduating seniors must take a certain number of advanced or rigorous courses to be eligible.”

    Many of the students I saw in this video came to my school to recruit protesters. What they told me upset me, but when I decided to do further research, I realized I had been misinformed. It is possible for students to get an affordable education if they truly work for it, and those are the students who deserve it. They are the ones who really want and understand the importance of a good education.

    There are so many alternatives to the HOPE. Surely you must realize that not everyone in the Untied States is so privileged with this opportunity. By asking for a free education, you’re also asking for a lower quality one. Take professors for an example. For many of them it’s a passion, but if they can’t make a living they’ll be forced to quit or be distracted with a second job. Consider the full impact.

    President Becker is a man with more experience who is making the decisions he feels are best. Your goals are myopic, look further towards the future and take into account every potential point of impact. Your requests are unreasonable, the budget cuts are not. If we don’t like the current economic situation, we need to be doing something about it ourselves, not asking others to change things for us. What are other countries doing right that we are doing wrong? Then act on it. I really admire the vigor in our youth, but I think it would be better directed elsewhere.

    I don’t believe this is the source of our woes. If anything, I think it will encourage students to work harder. That’s exactly what this country needs.

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