BREAKING: One student arrested, 15 given trespassing citations at HOPE debate

According to reports from GSPHE members on the ground, one student has been arrested and 15 were given trespassing citations after being thrown out of the senate gallery for hissing and snapping their fingers during the HOPE scholarship debate!

Here’s the AJC article:

Students tossed out of HOPE debate

By Laura Diamond, AJC

Some college students were tossed out of the Senate gallery Wednesday for disrupting the debate on the massive overhaul to the HOPE scholarship.

Chanting students are escorted out of the Senate Gallery by Capitol police.

Students hissed when lawmakers mentioned changes they didn’t like and snapped for those they supported. Some chanted: “Kill the bill!”

After being warned to stop, they were tossed out.

House Bill 326 would cut the amount of the award for all but the highest-scoring students and make other changes to keep the lottery-funded program from going broke. The bill eliminates payments for books, fees and remedial classes in the University System of Georgia.

It would also cut the commission retailers receive and scale back bonuses for Georgia Lottery officials.

Some Democrats have offered an alternative plan, saying the bill penalizes poor and minority students.


3 thoughts on “BREAKING: One student arrested, 15 given trespassing citations at HOPE debate

  1. I was so proud see so many students who came with GSPHE to help us save HOPE. I would also like details on the student detained. Is he okay?

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